Saturday, 3 July 2010

29/6/10: Enjoyed fantastic buffet breakfast at this 'premiere classe' motel, and were able to take some snacks for the road! Cycled through the first rain of the trip at the start, so the panniers were given a good test of their waterproof capabilities. We spent most of the morning cycling through the Vineyards of Champagne until suddenly the terrain became flat and we were back in the agricultural area. We pressed on quickly on the flatter terrain and arrived late afternoon in 'Brienne le chateau.' We found a great B&B with some fantastic dingy, beige corridors but nice room. Moinseur cooked an enjoyable lasagne which helped gets some carbs back in us as we seem to be struggling to get enough food in with all the miles (66.92 today.)

30/6/10: Set off about 10am as we decided to have a slight rest day. We are quite ahead of schedule in terms of our position to Dijon so can afford to take in a few more sights along the way. We passed through the Lac D'Orient in the morning which looked like a great holiday place, and we did even have time for a dip in the lake about midday. We continued on through numerous small villages and finished the day after 55.94 miles in Bouix, a town near Chatillon-Sur-Seine. We had trouble finding a place to stay but managed to get into a small B&B with a rather offhand owner who originally told us she was full but then appeared to change her mind. The French is finally becoming more speedy, although only 12 months ago I was finishing my A2 French exams I have forgotten a huge amount! Many thanks to Steve for the comments on my blog-I am afraid I have tried to right back but am unable to post the comments! Will try again next time.

1/7/10: Cycled 51.06 miles south to 'Pouilly-en-Auxois.' We took in a fair section of the Voie Verte cycle route, which was fantastic but further pain to the backside as our road bikes were not ideal for canal towpaths! We are staying in a B&B with a great view over the town square. Witnessed an interesting waitress this evening who served the 2 tables of people who arrived after us first and then said she had run out of something we ordered that the other tables had. Clearly sour about Andy Murry beating Tsonga at Wimbledon! Very close to Dijon now, where Dad will be leaving me for the solo part of my trip. We are quite a bit ahead of schedule so have had some slightly lower mileage days. I am planning a rest day on Saturday and then crack on to the Alps. I have enjoyed reading a bit of the French newspaper 'L'equipe' which keeps me up to date with all the sport and most importantly 'Le Tour.' I hope to watch a bit of every stage in local bars in the afternoons, hopefully I will bump into some old crusty frenchmen with whome I can discuss the event and where to see it!

2/7/10: Cycled a shorter distance today, 41.74 miles, almost all on the 'Voire verte' cycle trail which had a fantastic final 10 miles on smooth cycle-specific tarmac. Came into Dijon about 3pm and bumped into the guy we met earlier in the trip who is cycling around the world. Had a great swim in the lake in the centre of Dijon and then headed to our B&B. Dinner in Dijon (last chance for a good meal before Dad leaves!!) where we were serenaded by some fantastic accordian players. Would highly reccommend Dijon to anyone, really nice student filled town.

3/7/10: Dad left B&B at 8.30am to catch his train to Paris then home via Channel Tunnel. I took the oppertunity to do the teenage thing and stay in bed until 9.30! Then had breakfast whilst sneaking as much bread,cheese and fruit into my pockets so as not to have to buy lunch. Set off from the B&B at 10.30 and headed back to the park in Dijon to watch a bit of the triathlon they were having there. Then headed out of Dijon on the final section of canal towpath to St.Jean de losne. I found a great campsite, just €7.60 for the night so pitched my tent. I wandered into town in search of the Tour De France prologue on TV in a bar, sadly the great sport had been pushed aside by the football, so I was forced to sit and watch a German family gettting very excited and happy! Cooked dinner and went to bed. Today was my rest day before cranking up the miles as tomorrow I will hopefully be crossing the Jura. My jouney continues South East as I head to Annemasse and then Chamonix.


  1. Glad to see the latest posts. Where are you writing? I wonder if you are going to see the Tour live at any stage. Enjoynthe flatter bits while you can!

    bonne route!

  2. Sounding like an awesome trip!! Are you navigating using maps or a gps?

    Good luck!