Saturday, 24 July 2010

23/7/10: We had a bit of a lie in so didn't set off until 11am today. We had already travelled 30 miles further north tan planned so could afford to have a shorter day. However, the weather was far better than forcasted so we decided to make a full day and cycle to near ...... We stocked up on croissants and hit the road. We cycled along miles of flat winding country roads and stopped for lunch in the sun. We stopped in the town centre and spread all of our clothes on the verge while we had our bagettes and attempted to rid of lycra tan lines by tactical sun bathing. Suddenly, the heavens opened and we ran around in our shorts collecting clothes from trees and socks from lamposts before they got wet again. The afternoon was full of short showers so each time the sky began to darken we would nip into a bar to watch the tour on TV and have a drink. It was nice to see Mark Cavendish get a stage so easily.

We found a very sandy campsite where Alex fell off as he rode in through the deep sand at the entrance. We met the incredible 'Steve' who was a londoner who had left the UK to escape his cocaine addiction to work as a lumberjack (he didn't put on women's clothing...) and camp in the campsite to save money! He let us use his camping stove which was great and we enjoyed hearing about his work. Just as we were going to bed a hardcore farther and son from Devon arrived. They had cycled the same route as me pretty much but had wild camped the whole way! They had a tarpaulen sheet instead of a tent. We chatted with them for a while and went to bed. Todays mileage was 68.26.

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