Monday, 28 June 2010

28/6/10: Set off at 9.15am again to make use of the day before it gets really hot (28c)at about 2-3pm. Cycled south from Chauny to Eperney which was 67.84 miles in total. Route was a bit hillier today but did not quite live up to the description 'montagnes de Reims' as it was more rolling. We passed numerous champagne vineyards on the way but didn't feel it was a good idea to venture in as a 'quick sample' could easily turn into a resting afternoon! Just before finishing for the day we bumped into a man called 'Lee' who was from Derby and was cycling around the world. He has a website ( ) which is worth visiting to read more about his incredible journy! We found accommodation in Eperney in a 'Premiere classe' hotel-v.much like a Formule Un motel (basic but clean and most importantly,cool! Last night was roasting.) Chance to wash some clothes and have a meal before going to bed.

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  1. I like the idea of a man called "Lee" (in quotation marks). Does this mean he wasn't really Lee. Maybe it was a "nom de plume", or maybe he's a villain on the run.