Friday, 16 July 2010

16/7/10: I had decided to make today a rest day. I filled up on breakfast at the B&B I was staying at and used their free wifi to sort out various things which required the internet. I then cycled the 2 miles or so to the coast. It was incredibly busy, but I managed to soap myself up and squeeze into a space to 'catch some rays.' I was delighted to find a group of 4 dutch girls next to me on holiday together. I saw this as too good an oppertunity to go missing so engaged in converstaion, they were touring around France camping and visiting various cities&beaches. We exchanged tips of which places are good to visit and enjoyed a good swim in the sea and then after the usual bagette and sausage/cheese lunch set off on my bike at about 3pm. Unfortunately getting changed on the beach meant sand in my lycra shorts-lucky I only had 30 miles to do! I was very pleased to find the 'Canal du midi' and was able to cycle along some nice flat cycle paths for 20 miles or so. Even better was the fact that there was an 'Ed' supermarket on the way-they are basically a wearhouse with food in unorderly crates&shelves. But everything is spectacularly cheap-I stocked up on 5 days pasta for 85p, and fig rolls were on special offer so that will be my snack food for the next week! I then found a good camping municipale at a very reasonable 6€-most campsites in this area area more like 15€ for 1 person for 1 night. I got chatting to a man outside the showers, it turned out he had been evicted from his house&had been in the same campsite for the last 2 months while he searched for a job. I also met a dutch woman in her early 60's who was cycling the Canal du midi all the way to Bordeaux-it's amazing the range of people you meet in these places! I carefully pitched my tent in a spot which would be in the shade tomorrow and had dinner. Total mileage today was 31.35 miles.

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