Monday, 28 June 2010

28/6/10: Set off at 9.15am again to make use of the day before it gets really hot (28c)at about 2-3pm. Cycled south from Chauny to Eperney which was 67.84 miles in total. Route was a bit hillier today but did not quite live up to the description 'montagnes de Reims' as it was more rolling. We passed numerous champagne vineyards on the way but didn't feel it was a good idea to venture in as a 'quick sample' could easily turn into a resting afternoon! Just before finishing for the day we bumped into a man called 'Lee' who was from Derby and was cycling around the world. He has a website ( ) which is worth visiting to read more about his incredible journy! We found accommodation in Eperney in a 'Premiere classe' hotel-v.much like a Formule Un motel (basic but clean and most importantly,cool! Last night was roasting.) Chance to wash some clothes and have a meal before going to bed.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

25/6/10: Drove down to folkstone,channel tunnel across to calais on bike minibus. Fantastic service,we were the only people on it! Then cycled 10miles to 8&8 near Guines. The owner was very friendly, but her dogs were not,they were essentially biting us!We cycled into town for meal (place heaving with Brits!) Got back&did some route planning before bed.

26/6/10: 1st full day,did 75miles to a village near Ardres Called 'Fonqueviller.' Baking heat all day,drank 7 litres in total and still felt thirsty!Quite hilly in this area despite what we thought. Found a v nice B&B to stay in with Dad, it was the upstairs of a Bar/Restaurant. The owner was a steriotypical Frenchman, serving food in his sleeveless top and telling us about his bookings&world cup opinions! He helped us plan a good route for the next day. We had Rabbit for dinner. Bedroom was basic but better than the tent I'll be staying in once Dad leaves!!Bed at 11pm,soooo tired! Legs fine but saddle wasnt exactly an armchair without going into too much detail....

27/6/10: Set off a little earlier at 9.15am after the slightly too late finish of yesterday! Headed south to 'Chauny' along some fantastic flat roads through the fields. Did 58miles. We spent a considerable amount of time near a canal towwpath although despite having Specialized Tricrosses, we both felt far more speed would be achieved on the parallel roads. Had lunch under some trees in a very well kept German cemetary-we are in the middle of the Somme area so plenty of graveyards to be seen unfortunately. We then picked up the pace&soon arrived in Chauny in time to head to a bar and see most of Germany seeing off England much to the amusmant of the locals! We struggled to find a B&B but eventually found one in the town, despite being told 'c'est vraiment terrible' by the owner of the bar opposite!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


During the next 5 weeks I will be cycling around France with a variety of people, and sometimes alone! My Tour De France starts on the 25th June and I return on the 28th July. During this time I aim to cover just under 3000 miles cycling clockwise around France.

I will start from Calais and cycle south to Dijon. Frome here I head south west to the Alps. I will cycle almost the full length of the alps with the aim of climbing many famous mountain passes, in particular the Alp D'Huez 23 bends and also Mt.Ventoux. The Col De L'Iseran will also be another challenge, although I have done most of it during my time in Val D'Isere this winter but never had the oppertunity to make it to the top due to snow! I will then travel up the Ardeche and head West to Carcasonne. From there I aim to take in the Pyrenees and see plenty of the real Tour de France. I will hopefully be present on the summit of The Tourmalet when the tour reaches its' climax on the 17th Stage.

Joining me on my journey is my Dad (Simon) for the 1st week and also a friend from the bike shop I have been working in during my gap year, Alex Nowakowski, for the last 10 days. For the middle 15 days I will be alone unless there is anyone who fancies joining me?

Right, better continue packing! I will update the blog as often as possible from internet cafes in France.

A bientot!